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ClosedWon helps Sales Development Reps and Account Executives close deals and automate B2B meetings.

ClosedWon empowers sales folks to close more deals while enjoying life. We do this with our sales enablement technology, which will provide lead intelligence in real time. ClosedWon leverages 3 different technologies: lead enrichment & verification, campaign optimization, and sales enablement backed by key performance indicators.

Finally, ClosedWon has an omni-channel sequence engagement platform which can connect directly with prospects by creating multi-touch cadences that include phone, email, SMS and social touchpoints.

In addition, sales development reps and account executives can develop highly personalized cadences for different products, verticals, and even moreso, stages within a sales funnel.

Our technology doesn’t impose any limits on the number of touch points. However, we recommend best practices to avoid outreach saturation. We allow unlimited customization and plenty of A/B testing with a variety of meticulous battle plans. We will provide sales enablement to ensure that you are continuously improving your objectives and key results month over month.

Sales Development Reps and Account Executives can customize messages before having our software automatically send communication via email or social networks. This ensures your sales teams are enjoying the efficiency of automation without sacrificing the benefits of greater quality personalization.