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C L O S E D W O N app review App Review

Imagine you decided to start your own company. You are a first-time founder. You made your first few hires, and you need to manage 4-5 different projects at a time. What platform would you use? 

It’s me again, Zen reviewing an app that I have fallen in love with called is an all-in-one workplace for database, tasks, notes, blogs, and markdown support that integrates with wikis and other platforms. It boasts a Kanban view like Trello and Asana and has the ability to markdown similar to GitLab or GitHub. 

High output individuals like co-founders, tech entrepreneurs, CEOs, CTOs, and such are ideal users because managing a product team, a sales team, marketing team, an HR gal, and an engineering team requires a demanding type of finesse; Notion is the place to go. 

Here’s why.

Consolidated view and leadership visibility is the first reason why I An eagle-eye view on essential details within each department.

In any team – for every organization – all failures and successes rest on the leader’s shoulder.

The best leaders don’t just take ownership of their job, top leaders take extreme ownership on everything that impacts their mission. By acknowledging mistakes, admitting failures, and developing a plan to win, is the latest tool in assisting me to become more effective as an orchestrator at ClosedWon. 

When a member is not performing, I look at my reflection first. If the member is not trained, does not have the resources and does not have a clear understanding of the mission, it is my fault. 

The ability to see my team’s objectives, key results after inviting them on Notion is a notable advantage. I can witness tasks completed in real-time, which feels incredible. Most of the time, entrepreneurs don’t have insight into what team members are doing. A massive risk and a costly blind spot for new founders.

On the other hand, if a team member has the resources, the training and proper plan to execute the mission, yet the member fails to complete critical tactical assignments, then a performance review should be arranged. is also suitable for reviewing individual performances.

There are no bad teams, only bad leaders. Today, I use to train my leadership disciplines. 

Here’s a quick view of a typical day: At 7 am, I have calls with clients. At 8 am, I have meetings with our product. At 9 am, I have a strategy call with our leadership team. The context of a founder’s conversations will vary daily, and there are two practices to go about your day. To practice with intentionality or to react amidst request, emails, and questions that are helicoptered your way. 

The second reason why I <3 is the app is free. 

All the best things come for free, like kindness 🙂

The second you signup to, you are welcomed with a checklist of cool things you can do and pre-populated templates. Out of the box, you can:

  1. add leads to a sales CRM, 
  2. write your blog posts
  3. create your task list, goals, journal, 
  4. plan your travel ideas 
  5. combine personal errands along with work duties 

Organization skillset is a strength, and seldom common sense is not common practice. I use to train and build best practices into standards that ensure my team, and I are continuously synchronized.

Listen, I know that I just wrote about charging users before building an MVP. And you are probably thinking, “Hold up. Now, she loves free things.” You are damn right. I love intuitive and free tech products. Who doesn’t’?  

Now, remember, fellow founders, has a darling CEO who also raised $10M Series A from great VCs in SF. They can afford it. 😉

Simplicity is the third reason why I <3

Complexity is the enemy of execution. And for me, there are so many things happening all at once, it becomes overwhelming. Especially when you’re using Trello, Asana, Slack, and GitLab. Besides, we save assets in Google Docs, Excel, Airtable, and Dropbox. 

Holy guacamole, there are so many different platforms. Notion provided one platform to do all of that and more. Amazing.

Who should use I’m a big fan of platforms that combine work commitments for founders, entrepreneurs, and productive contributors. I don’t recommend for sales development reps. I do recommend it for investors and VCs. Individuals who work with many types of companies, such as consultants/value-add-resellers will also appreciate’s capabilities. app review

Go and try Their team built a beautiful app, and they are giving it away for free. Get your ‘grandfathered-on.’ 

All right. If you like what you are reading, and you are learning a few actionable items from our channels, please comment below. 

Don’t forget to request a demo to get our beta all-encompassing sales workspace for entrepreneurs and modern sales professionals.  


Until next time.

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