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For businesses to achieve sales success in today’s chaotic economic environment, they must keep a pulse on their industry and marketplace. There is no department in an organization that needs to have a more vice-like grip on this information than the sales team.

In a world with more empowered, tech-savvy and informed customers, sales organizations must be more adept than ever to increase and ultimately win more revenue. Thankfully, sales enablement tools align sales and marketing teams to do just that.

There are lots of tools today designed to help salespeople remain at the top of their customers’ minds. But just like anything in business, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to sales enablement best practices.

In this article, we’re detailing the sales enablement tools you must have to achieve optimal sales productivity.

What is a sales enablement tool?

Sales enablement technology or a tool refers to a system or platform that provides total visibility across the entire lifecycle of sales content. With robust search, synching and scoring capabilities, a sales enablement solution will close the loop between marketing, sales, and customer experience, and also helps teams track the positive impact high-quality content can have throughout your buying process.

Common Sales Enablement Tools

Although sales enablement efforts and needs tend to be diverse, here is a high-level list of the most common software that sales leaders use:


Unboxed advisor is a simple but effective sales enablement tool that’s designed for enterprise sales teams. It drastically reduces sales training time for reps and can even guide them through initial experiences with their customers. It also has lots of add-ons that can address many pain points in your ongoing process.

Key Features

  • It has various interactive demos that help showcase products and services
  • Content library features help organize as well as share sales and marketing relevant content
  • Powerful metrics and also reporting capabilities
  • Lightweight CRM that’s capable of managing qualified leads


This is a sales enablement strategy geared towards sales teams in the B2B environment. B2B sales often imply longer sales cycles and numerous stakeholders. Membrain offers a dedicated platform that stands to the hectic demands of the more complex sales teams, which makes it easier to execute a robust sales strategy with steady guidance and performance analytics.

Key Features

  • Simply oft-complex B2B sales processes with the help of analytics and continuous guidance
  • Integrates with Salesforce
  • Access to varied visual tools which will improve selling experience and deal sizes
  • Track important metrics at each stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Determine the influencers of win rate with graphs


HubSpot is a wonderful tool for marketers. When you want to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, it’s essential that you have multiple tools under a single roof as this will streamline the whole process. This is what makes HubSpot great.

Within the tool’s marketing automation program, the lead nurturing workflows have been designed to make lead follow-ups easy, resulting in less manual emails required by sales reps. Also, lifecycle stages and lead scoring stages are critical to prioritizing and qualifying high-value leads.

By utilizing these tools, you can get your team to focus on managing day-to-day leads and only engage with the right people and who fit the personas of your target buyer. Apart from the marketing solution, it’s known for, HubSpot also recently launched a sales product.

The HubSpot CRM integrates fully with the marketing platform and other tools to form a sales enablement team of sorts that will appeal mostly to small-to-medium-sized businesses. Thanks to the software, sales reps can have instantaneous access to every new lead that converts in real time, as well as can organize and target leads with the right content that addresses the pain they are experiencing. Sales managers and reps can filter, even display sales opportunities and leads for better reporting thanks to the multiple views’ found within HubSpot.


Another essential piece of sales enablement juggernaut is content management. Because the good majority of sales enablement programs are charged with providing sales with most useful and compelling collateral to help the sales process, it’s imperative to have a more natural way of organizing and storing this content so that the whole team easily accesses it.

Box is one sales enablement tool that does precisely that. In case of larger sales teams, reps are often found across multiple offices and even in various continents. Therefore, internal files and storage inevitably become inaccessible and cumbersome. Sales operations loves this tool too because it streamlines many internal processes.

Thanks to this cloud-based content management system, reps can access their content easily and on the go with mobile devices. Also, it’s hugely beneficial for marketers because they can easily update the content wherever they are.

As you target new industries or as messaging improves, you will need more content, and also need to update your existing content. Box gives you the tools required to keep all the new and current content organized so that it’s easily accessible to the whole organization.


Google Drive is pretty similar to Box and is a sales enablement tool that many marketers likely use every day. The biggest value here is content, just like Box. Google Drive lets you share content quickly with employees within an organization and also externally with partners, prospects, and thought leaders.

With the ability to update and auto-save in real time, you don’t have to worry about finding an older version of a document being sent, and to stay organized is very intuitive. Lastly, Google Drive mobile apps are essential for all sales reps and marketers to access and even edit their content on the fly easily.

Although there are best practices and tactics surrounding effective selling, there are tools specifically designed to enhance sales performance. Sales enablement tools help to improve overall sales effectiveness and efficiency, and in turn also boost sales revenue and performance.
The good news is that there are many technologies available on the market today. Identifying the one that works perfectly for you is sure to be a personalized experience, but it’s encouraged to do your homework on the capabilities of other platforms before making a final investment.

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