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Stop Sales Prospecting. Start ClosedWon.

Unless you want to waste your time, then ClosedWon isn't for you.

Stop Sales Prospecting. Start ClosedWon.
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For Startup Founders

Collecting data from founders who have zero sales experience, we discovered they would rather have leads delivered over manual prospecting. Removing the time it takes to find and capture leads, ClosedWon provides quality assurance leads weekly.

For Sales Professionals

For over a decade, we disciplined and refined our sales techniques. As a result, ClosedWon is the world’s first and only social selling workspace that auto-pilots prospecting & centers on accelerating warm engagements.

For those who are just entering the sales workforce

Welcome to the hustle! We cherish the first time too. We recognize how tedious it can be. We’ve developed a platform where you can sharpen your personal brand to grow your product-knowledge authority while qualifying leads that ClosedWon delivers at your digital door.

For Developers

We experimented for 12 months and learned developers founding a startup need an agile approach to user and sales prospecting. Now you can code and begin sales activities in tandem.

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You're in great company

Organizations from Startups to Fortune 100 Trust ClosedWon®

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