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ClosedWon® converts

  • 2,000,000+ potential buyers

  • Speed 60 milliseconds

  • 3x more sales meetings

ClosedWon® is reported to

  • Book 7 meetings within a week for B2B startups

  • book 21 meetings/month for entrepreneurs

  • automate 31 meetings in 60 days angel investors


Free Public Calendar

ClosedWon's® scheduling software streamlines reseravations, reminders, no-shows, reschedules, and last minute cancellations. Connect with your target audiences. Convert them into users. Then, ask for the close.


The ClosedWon® Advantage

  • Powerful Servers

    Distributed scheduled emails between accounts to get 98% success rates.

  • Every workspace includes 5 users

    Delegate the right task to early employees and track your best performing contributors.

  • Schedule Meetings

    Schedule meetings with potential users/buyers. Learn how to improve your idea, product or service.

  • Avoid Misinformation

    ClosedWon® CRM. The system of truth that manage conversations, team performances, and company objectives.

  • Smart Flows

    ClosedWon® suggests sequences that transform new contacts into strong business relationships.

  • Smart Activity

    Work collaboratively with lead activities and focus on actional steps that increase business momentum.