Conversational Omni Nurture Platform | Sales Enablement AI | ClosedWon®

All – in – One

Social Selling Workspace

1000+ on-demand verified leads & warm conversations, accelerated for you to close.


If you love to build products but hate sales, ClosedWon® is for you.

ClosedWon® converts

  • 2,000,000+ buyer contacts

  • 10x more meaningful conversations

  • 3x more sales meetings

ClosedWon® is reported to

  • Book 7 meetings within a week for startups

  • book 21 meetings/month for enterprise companies

  • automate 31 meetings in 60 days for pros


Qualified Meetings

ClosedWon® appointment scheduling software streamlines booking, reminders, no-shows and last minute cancellations.



  • Powerful Servers

    Distributed scheduled emails between accounts to get 98% success rates.

  • Sales & Marketing Enablement

    Align campaigns to track best performing content.

  • Schedule Meetings

    Scheduler automates meetings with customers & prospects.

  • Avoid Misinformation

    Get real-time suggestions to overcome objections.

  • A/B Smart Flows

    ClosedWon monitors KPIs and auto suggests smart flows.

  • Get the best results

    Work collaboratively with your team to increase sales momentum.